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Not a doll line in the normal sense of the word, the exclusive dolls Mattel produces to celebrate Monster High's presence at San Diego Comic-Con International do share several characteristics. The exclusive of 2010 is a greyscale edition of 'Basic' Frankie Stein and Watzit, the exclusive of 2011 is a comic book enthusiast edition of Ghoulia Yelps, and 2012 will be the winner of the 2011 vote, Scarah Screams, along with Hoodude Voodoo.


Frankie Stein Exclusive 2010

At SDCCI 2010, Mattel made a fairly daring move by putting up a stand for their brand new Monster High franchise, since SDCCI is a male-dominated event that does not regularly accommodate stands for franchises aimed mainly at girls. More so, this was the first year in Mattel's history at SDCCI that it created toys based on its girls brands for sale at the event. Attendees of the Monster High stand were able to buy one of the 5000 greyscale editions of 'Basic' Frankie Stein and Watzit, which homaged the black-and-white horror movies from the 1920s-1950s. The doll's look was featured in the webisode "Totally Busted", which aired a week after SDCCI and was the last webisode for three months.

The doll comes in special packaging that opens up like a Trapper Keeper, and credits Garrett Sander as the creator of the brand. Further included are a unique profile for Frankie and a diary detailing Frankie's first day of existence.


File:DF 1.jpg

At SDCCI 2011, Mattel kicked uped the desirability of their exclusive up a notch. The first photos of the exclusive, a NekroCon-attending Ghoulia Yelps, were released on April 29, 2011 on Facebook. On May 13, 2011, the missing Chapter 13: Slow and Tell from the first Monster High book was released on Facebook. And finally, the webisode "Daydream of the Dead" was released on July 14, 2011. And when SDCCI finally started on July 21, Mattel teamed up with Just Jared Jr. to create a contest with which fans could win one of five exclsuive Ghoulia Yelps dolls. Otherwise, attendees could buy up to six Ghoulia dolls per attendee from July 21 to July 24 at the convention for 20 dollars. It is not known how many 2011 exclusives were produced, but on August 1, 2011, Mattel surprised its fans by putting a total of 1,000 exclusives up at

The Ghoulia doll comes dressed in an outfit emulating the one worn by her big comic book hero and fangirl crush, Dead Fast. She has both a set of glasses and a Dead Fast mask to accommodate attendee and cosplay look. Other accessories included are a Dead Fast bag, a Dead Fast comic and a Dead Fast figurine. The doll further comes with a life-sized Dead Fast comic book written and drawn by Ghoulia, which is one of the few pieces of fiction featuring Dead Fast. Another is Dead Fast's profile, written on the back of the box alongside Ghoulia's diary detailing her enthusiasm about going to NekroCon.


Monster High SDCC fullsizeimage

At SDCCI 2012, Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo will comprise a 2-pack exclusive. In Scarah's case, this follows on her victory at SDCCI 2011 over Daughter of Arachne and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood during a fan vote hosted at SDCCI, Facebook, and the Monster High website.[1]




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