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Mr. Rotter

Yong mr.Rotter

Young Mr Rotter

Rotter is a 2010-introduced and prose-only character. He is a phantom and a teacher at Monster High, having been a student there in his younger days. He officially teaches Dead Languages, but also at times Ge-ogre-aphy and Physical Deaducation. Rotter is a driven teacher who has high standards for his students to meet, to the point that acquiring an 'A' in his class is an impossibility. Because the Junior Novels or Monster High Junior Novels are based on the 3D-animated, computer-animation TV specials, he is literally lifted from cartoon-only character to prose-only character.


In his first appearance, he was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Currently, he is voiced by Cam Clarke.



Mr. Rotter believes in order and has little patience for students that try to cause chaos. He is, however, not a strict teacher and enjoys to spark enthusiasm for both his classes and the other ones in the students. This means that sometimes Rotter fails to understand when students are not enthusiastic about some of the classes. He is known for never giving 'A's.

He has quite a high opinion of himself. He claims he was Hexiciah Steam's favourite student, however the man himself told Rotter that he was his 'least' favourite student.


Rotter has grey-to-green skin and sandy hair. He is usually dressed in a brown coat.



  • Rotter is designed after Lon Chaney's 1925 iteration of the Phantom of the Opera, though the Phantom is a separate character.

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