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Frankie was so excited that it's a good thing I do not conduct the electricity, or my hair would be standing on its ends!

It was the first place everyone wanted to see, of course, and even though it's not as wondrous as it is at night—I cannot argue that it is the perfect spot to begin a tour though Scaris.

I LOVE THIS CAR! It is so much fun driving through the twisty cobblestone streets. Almost like Skultimate Roller Maze, only faster! ;)

I never sat for one of these when I lived here. I thought it was just something for the tourists to do but now that I'm a "tourist" I guess it's okay. ;)

Oooh, how I missed the food here! Yes, I can cook the same dish at home, but it does not taste the same as when you are eating it outside at a café surrounded by the sights and sounds of the City of Frights.

It is so beautiful here at night when everything lit up and glowing. As long as I lived in Scaris it was the one site that always made me stop and stare. Now I get to see it with renewed wonder through the eyes of a friend.


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