Friday Night Frights - Rocco close-up
Rocco is a 2013-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is a gargoyle and a student at Granite City High. He is the leader of the school's SKRM team, and a vicious one at that. Rocco has no problem cheating if it turns the situation in his favor, which earns him the respect of Toralei Stripe, his girlfriend.


In English, Rocco is voiced by Evan Smith.



Friday Night Frights - Granite City gang

Rocco is a ruthless gargoyle with his mind always set on victory. Not surprising, he's the leader of his school's Skultimate Roller Maze team, long known as one of the best in the world. Through violence, bullying, and occasionally cheating, he keeps his team at the top, and in return earns their respect.

Rocco cannot deal with loss very well, but he acknowledges defeat if it happens. Outside of competition, he actually has a friendly disposition, though his arrogance still shines through.


Rocco is a large, pale grey gargoyle. He has a prominent chin and two fangs protruding from his lower jaw. Rocco sports a blue mohawk and has a piercing in his left ear.



Rocco's parents are likely gargoyles too.


Friday Night Frights - Granite City worries

Rocco's closest friend is his teammate Gary, who calls him Roc, and appears to be on good terms with the rest of the team too.


Rocco is in a relationship with Toralei Stripe from Monster High. Supposedly, their mutual penchant for playing dirty is what attracts them to each other.


  • Rocco's face was used as model for a mask in "Ghouls Rule".