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Pet of a Monster High Student
Profile art - Rhuen
Age Not anymore.
Killer Style Hmmm...yes...well to begin with I am very stealthy, I only ever make noise if and only if I want to be heard. I also have a ghost tail that I am very proud of and since it follows me wherever I go. I spend a lot of time keeping it well groomed.
Pet Spectra Vondergeist. She's almost as quiet as I am...almost.
Favorite Activity Finding the secret places in Monster High that no other monster knows about! Sometimes I even show Spectra.
Biggest Pet Peeve I am not a little weasel so stop calling me that!
Favorite Food I am a rather picky eater but I do enjoy a nice meal of ghost shrimp.
BFFs Shiver and Sir Hoots A Lot.

Rhuen is Spectra Vondergeist's pet ferret. In Spectra's diary, she is stated to be the Ghostly Gossip's closest confidante.

Physical Description

Rhuen's fur color starts out as a dark purple at the top of her body, but slowly fades to transparent shade due to her ghostly status. She also wears a little dark purple bow in front of her left ear.

Bio Description

"Did you know the name Ferret comes from the Latin word fuittus, which means "little thief"? Of course you didn't until I told you. ". - Spectra Vondergeist.


  • The word ferret is derived from the Latin word "ferritus" which means little thief.
  • Rhuen is a homophonic play on the word "ruin".


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