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Rayth is a 2016-introduced and fiction-only character. Given his name and appearance, he is most likely a wraith. He attends Monster High, being one of its early students. Among the friends he's made, he's closest to Deuce Gorgon and has developed a mutual crush on Clawdeen Wolf.


Raythe is voiced by Travis Dresden.



Rayth is easygoing though a touch zealous and clumsy with words. He loves music.


Rayth has grey skin that at times appears blue, fangs, and chin-length grey hair that at time appears white. His clothes are a mixture of alternative casual and burial shroud-like tattered fabric.



His preferred company are Skelly, Bonesy, and Deuce. He formed a band with them a few months after Monster High was founded, to which Venus, Silvi, and Woolee were also accepted. Electrified


He is interested in Clawdeen Wolf, who answers the affection. They didn't go off on the greatest of starts, because in seeking to compliment her, Rayth called her art "sick". An ambiguous word choice that Clawdeen took negatively until Draculaura explained the misunderstanding. While Clawdeen does not actively go after Rayth the way he does her, she welcomes his attempts at courting her. Welcome to Monster High


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