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Raythe is a 2016-introduced character, so far seen in Welcome to Monster High and Electrified. His monster type and heritage are unknown.


Raythe is voiced by Travis Dresden.




Raythe has blue skin, fangs, and white-grey hair in an angular bob that covers half of his face. He wears a long torn dark grey pullover hoodie with sky blue accents over a grey shirt, klein blue pants that fade into deep purple, blue high top sneakers with three spiked bands on each, and a black and grey glove on his right hand with a sky blue bracelet.



He’s been seen hanging out with the skeleton boys such as Skelly and Bonesy, and also Deuce, as in, Deuce Gorgon.


In Electrified, he forms a music band with Skelly, Bonesy, Deuce, Venus, Silvi and Woolee.


He seems to have a semi-romantic interest in Clawdeen.


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