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Ramses de Nile in "Ghouls Rule"

Ramses de Nile is a Mummy and is the father of Cleo and Nefera. He made his debut in the special "Ghouls Rule". He is voiced by Audu Paden.


Ramses de Nile is a very strict father. He is the chairman of the Monster High construction committee and oversees all new building plans. He seems to be aloof and uninterested in the happenings of Monster High, but coincidentally much of the business he has there seems to correspond with events where Cleo is involved. For an unknown reason, he despise normies. He also has a disliking for Deuce Gorgon and thinks he is a slacker who is not worthy to be his youngest daughter's boyfriend (because he is not someone with noble blood). In the books he is an antiques dealer.

Physical Description

Unlike his daughters, Ramses is completely covered with wrappings. Only his bony fingers and his blue eyes are shown. Ramses wears several valuable rings around his fingers.



Ramses lives together with his two daughters and his servants in an Egyptian palace. In the books, he has a sister named Nefertiti. He has also a brother, Tutankhamun, according to a Facebook post.


Nothing is known about his wife so far.

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