Ramoanah is a vampire from Transylvania, who appears in the Monster High Diaries book, Draculaura and the New Stepmomster. She met Draculaura's father Dracula during a ball in Antarctica, and after they courted each other for a short while, they decided to get married.



Ramoanah comes from a very old fashioned family of vampires, and has lived in Transylvania almost her whole life. While she shares Dracula's views on monster equality, she is still somewhat unfamiliar with how to associate with other monster races. As such, when Draculaura and her friends first meet her, she unintentionally comes across as cold and reluctant to put up with them. But she shows that she really does care about their comfort by arranging for the ghouls to have their favourite meals when they are unable to eat the blood-filled vampire food at the wedding, and by bringing Clawd over to escort Draculaura at the wedding. Afterward, she and Draculaura become good friends.


Ramoanah is describing as frighteningly beautiful.



Ramoanah comes from a large family of vampires, including her mother and her nephew Alexander. Unlike her, the rest of her family are not so accepting of Draculaura and her friends, and are rude and snide to them at almost every opportunity. They serve blood sausage at the wedding, which the other ghouls are repulsed by.


Ramoanah met Dracula while attending an Ice Ball in Antarctica, and after a short romance, she accepted his hand in marriage.


  • Ramoanah is a play of Ramona and "moan".
  • Since her other stepdaughter Fangelica VanBat is a prequel character, she was not mentioned at the wedding.