Shockumentary - bird girl

Quill Talyntino is a 2011 backgrounder-turned-character in 2014. She is the daughter of a harpy.



Quill's active screentime or mention in fiction is very little, however she is shy and soft spoken, always stuttering like she's afraid of saying something wrong. She is also a bit of a hoarder, as she collects shiny things, a collection she is very self concious about, despite her friends supporting her with everything.


Quill has neon-green feathers covering most of her body, but the head feathers and wings are dark green. She has red eyes and a pointy nose.


Quill appears in "Falling Spirits", "Fatal Error", "Fear Pressure" and "Hyde and Shriek", "Nefera Again", "Frost Friends", "Monster Mashionals Part 1", "Fright On!", "Kind: The Shockumentary", "Super Fan", "Dodgeskull", "Abyss Adventure", "Unearthed Day"," Decomposition Class" and "Creepfast Club". She is a background character for the most part.


  • March 24, 2011: Quill Talyntino makes her 2D cartoon debut in "Falling Spirits".
  • August 15, 2014: Mattel requests the trademark for Quill Talyntino.
  • September 02, 2014: Quill Talyntino is one of the contenders in the doll election of 2014, which introduces her as Trina Talon before putting her up under her proper name a few minutes later.
  • October 12, 2015: Quill Talyntino has her first speaking role, in "Decomposition Class".


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