Pyxis Prepstockings is a Fright-Mare who inhabits the Dream Pastures, a secret place within the walls of the Monster High Catacombs, a place where the monster's dream collide. She was born when a pegasus once dreamt and this dream collided with a Nightmare from the Dream Pastures, creating the unique being, Pyxis.



Pyxis is a preppy girl who is " perfectly polished to reflect the proper", precise and careful in everything she does, a trait that is of great help in her favourite activity: polo. Completely hooked by this sport, she is balanced and has an incredible sense of order, but can sometimes come out as snobbish. Athletic and agile, she is generous and active.


Pyxis is, like the others of her kind, a centaur, with pink skin in the humanoid part of her, with dark blue eyes and flowing pink hair that has black and navy highlights. She sports to rounded horns and a pair of feather silver wings, as well as a tattoo of an olive branch in her face. The horse part of her is dark blue, with a silver marking of a horseshoe on her rear. Her tail is completely hot pink.

Dream Tactics

Like the other Fright-Mares from the Dream Pastures, Pyxis can only deliver dreams to the types of monsters they're crossed with, so Pyxis is only able to channel dreams to pegasi.

Her special Fright-mare skill is that she bring sense of order to even the most chaotic of dreams.


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