Pom-Pom Panic! is a game released on the Monster High website on October 31, 2010. It is lightly based on the cartoon entries "Fear Squad" and "New Ghoul @ School", as the gameplay revolves around Frankie Stein's efforts that earn her a spot on the Fear Squad.


Pom-Pom Panic! comprises three stages: auditions, practice, and performance. A new game will have the practice stage locked, forcing the player to go through auditions first. However, the auditions stage is basically a short tutorial of the game mechanics that doesn't award points and can actually be skipped at any time. The practice stage does have to be done before the performance stage can be entered.

The goal of Pom-Pom Panic! is to perform fearleading moves in a timed wave. Frankie Stein stands among four other fearleaders, who are spread across two rows. When the first row starts a move, the screen above Frankie displays three centered circles. The outer ring turns dark pink and the keys corresponding to the move performed become faintly visible. Next, the second row performs the same move, turning the second circle orange and making the keys more visible. After this, the player is supposed to hit the shown keys the more they become solid up to the moment the inner circle turns green. If done well, a move earns the player 1000 points. If done a little too late or too early, the move is worth 500 points. Anything less than that is worth 0 points.

During the practice stage, a maximum of ten moves are given time for, if done well worth 10000 points. If 3000 or less points are earned, the practice stage has to be repeated. Otherwise, the player moves on to the performance stage. This stage is identical in gameplay to the practice stage and offers time for a maximum of twenty moves. However, during the performance stage, there's a "crowd enthusiasm"-bar that gets filled with every move performed that is worth points. A collection of five 1000-point moves as well as a collection of eight 500-point moves (and any mix thereof) is worth a full bar. At this point, Frankie performs a special move of her own worth a 1500-point bonus. As a result, the best score that can be obtained during the performance stage is 26000 points.

Points earned during practice and performance are added to each other as the end score, at best 36000. Pom-Pom Panic! is the only Monster High website game to have a leaderboard that is essentially pointless, as it is not difficult to earn 36000 points and impossible to get more.