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Peri Serpentine is a 2015-introduced character and the daughter of the Hydra who debuted in the movie, Great Scarrier Reef. She shares her body with her conjoined twin sister Pearl Serpentine. Together, they are Peri and Pearl.


In English, she is voiced by Rachel Staman.



Peri is a good soul. She tends to look at the positive part in every issue, and deals better with chaos. She may seem pretty airheaded at times, but its really just because she wants to live life freely, which at times is hard, due to her sister, and the restrictions sharing a body brings. There is one thing however, the two are always excited about: gemstones and collecting them. So much that their goal is to be jewelmakers.

In comparison to her sister she is both the nicest, the girliest and, strangely, the most mature one, even if her behaviour doesn't express that at all. She will get over issues more easily than her sister and definetly will get less personal about things her sister usually makes a fuss about.

However, her mild scatterbrain ways make her get very carried away with things she's doing, especially if it pleasures her, almost acting selfishly while forgetting that she does share a body with another creature with other likes, dislikes and restrictions.


Peri is a naga creature, that is: half woman half serpent. Her upper body is silverish grey, and has two necks, one that holds her head and identity and another that holds her sister's head.  She has metallic peri-blue hair with some white streaks and blue eyes with deep blue irises. She has fins on her lower arms and a dark blue tail, with purple fins at each side of her waist, scales and a teal fin at the end. She also has scales all over her body, like a snake.


She has the typical abilities of any sea monster or sea creature:

  • Underwater Breathing: Like Pearl, Peri can breath under water without the need for air like land monsters.

Special Abilities

These are the abilities of being a daughter of the Hydra:

  • Having another head on her body: Like Pearl, her twin sister, she is attached to her sister, and unable to come off of her body.
  • Inability to Separate: Just like Pearl, Peri cannot separate from her sister. As it is eternal to be together.


  • Jewelry Designing: As they say in their bio, Peri has an ability to craft jewelry (called "ghoulery" in their bio of their diary) with her favorite school subject, just like Pearl, but hers is metal shop.



Peri is the daughter of the Hydra, and, because of this, has at least 8 parents, or heads, to please, obey and love. She's the twin of Pearl Serpentine.


Her best friend is her sister. They literally spend every second of the day with each other, which has lead to a complicated relationship between the two. They most certainly love each other and enjoy each other's company, however, so much time together can make them annoyed at times, and Pearl's tough personality doesn't help, seeing how she gets so easily irritated, therefore they usually headbutt and disagree, breaking into arguments when less needed.

She also considers Kala Mer'ri a good friend, though she probably wouldn't hang out with her if it wasn't for her sister's weird commitment to her. She finds her bossy personality and her constant bickering quite annoying, though she does feel special that such a picky monster wants to be her friend. The two can have fun together sometimes, though.


  • January 07, 2015: Mattel requests a trademark for Peri Serpentine.
  • June 28, 2015: Photos of an online survey, containing photos of Peri Serpentine, was leaked to the fandom.
  • July 11, 2015: Peri Serpentine's debut doll is on display at San Diego Comic-Con International.


  • Her first name, Peri, is most likely a pun on the gemstone peridot, which correlates with her love for gemstone collection and matches her sister's name: Pearl, another gemstone.
  • Her surname, Serpentine, is a play on the word serpent, which is what she is. Additionally, Serpentine itself is a gemstone.


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