Volume 1, Episode 27: Curses! Lagoona's teacher calls a Parent-Creature Conference. Can the ghouls fool the school with Lagoona's fake "Great Aunt Lantic"?


Frankie, Cleo, and Clawdeen are waiting in the hallway for Lagoona to join them. Lagoona has a talk with a teacher about an essay she wrote and is curious to know the grade of. However, as Lagoona relates to her friends afterwards, he won't tell her and asks for a parent-teacher conference to be held. This worries the girls, especially Clawdeen who is convinced this can only mean that Lagoona failed the class.

As Lagoona walks away to collect herself alone, Clawdeen comes up with an idea: the teacher only needs to see a member of Lagoona's family, so one of them could dress up and fulfill the part. None of them is eligible though, since all of them are in Lagoona's class and will be recognized. As the ponder about a suitable candidate, they notice Slo Mo standing further down the hallway and promptly drag him along to the closet near the stairs.

They disguise him with a dress, jewelry, a wig, and makeup, so that he can pretend to be Lagoona's great-aunt Lantic. They give him the details of the person he has to pretend to be, such as that she has two pet seahorses and lives in Australia. Once it is certain Slo Mo understands his role, they take him back to the hallway and hide. Lagoona walks by just before Slo Mo enters the classroom and asks her friends why Slo Mo is dressed "like a sandgroper". Clawdeen answers that it's for the parent-teacher conference and Lagoona freaks out, worrying that Slo Mo will be discovered and she'll be expelled.

The classroom door opens and Slo Mo comes out, holding the paper. The teacher is still talking, stating that Lagoona is his best student. Lagoona takes the paper out of Slo Mo's hand and reads the comment on it aloud: "Best essay ever." Lagoona is relieved and so are her friends. Clawdeen boasts that she already said it had to be good news, which earns her a few skeptic glares. Slo Mo just blinks and smiles.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Frankie Stein
  3. Clawdeen Wolf
  4. Lagoona Blue
  5. Sloman Mortavitch



  • The name "Great Aunt Lantic" is a play on "Great Atlantic", an alternative name of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The webisode's title is a play on "parent-teacher conference".


  • This webisode contains the second time that Clawdeen afterwards claims to have advised opposite to what she did. The first time was in "Cyrano de Ghoulia" and the next will be in Volume 3's "HooDude VooDoo".


  • Lagoona says it'll take her parents ages to swim from Australia to the USA. Lagoona's 'School's Out' diary will later establish that Lagoona's mother is an ocean nymph who cannot ever go far beyond her grotto.


  • "Parent-Creature Conference" is the final Volume 1 webisode and with that the final webisode to feature Lagoona wearing her hood up and Frankie possessing voluminous hair.

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