Neptuna is Lagoona Blue's pet piranha. Lagoona carries her to school in a fishbowl purse.

Owner's words

"Neptuna is my pet piranha and I've got a special purse that's actually a fishbowl so I can secretly take Neptuna to class."


Neptuna is a light pink piranha fish with aqua blue eyes.


Lagoona Blue's Basic diary, July 22ndLagoona Blue's Basic diary, August 9thLagoona Blue's Basic diary, September 1st


  • 'Basic' Neptuna figurine
  • Dead Tired Neptuna figurine



'Basic' Neptuna is in a standard swimming position. Lagoona's purse is designed to fit her.

Dead Tired

Dead Tired Neptuna is the same as 'Basic' Neptuna. She comes with a blue and white eyemask.

13 Wishes

13 Wishes Neptuna is a light lavender shade, and the scales on her body are a vibrant purple. The black eyeliner around her eyes isn't nearly as intense as 'Basic' Neptuna. She is the same mold as 'Basic' and 'Dead Tired' Neptuna.



Neptuna's Electrocuties toy lights up purple.


Neptuna is one of the second three Friends plushies released and is packaged with Lagoona Blue.

Freakey Ring & Mirror

Neptuna's Freakey Ring & Mirror is aquamarine.


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