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Neighthan Rot is a 2014-introduced and all-around character. He is a hybrid, the child of a unicorn and a zombie, making him a zombicorn as he likes to call himself and a student at Monster High. Like his longtime hybrid friends—Avea, Bonita, and Sirena—, Neighthan has a history of going from school to school because he fits in nowhere. Despite this, he still tries to give everyone a chance and is socially highly developed. Being half a zombie and half a unicorn, Neighthan can speak regular English and has healing powers, but he's also very clumsy. He can barely take two steps without tripping or knocking something over, meaning his healing powers are mostly used on himself. He has a crush on Frankie Stein, whom he shares many traits with, and the interest is mutual, but they are currently not dating.


He is voiced by Josey Montana McCoy in English.



Neighthan Rot has grey skin which is more zombie-like on his left half. He has unicorn ears, a blue unicorn horn and blue eyes. He has long black hair in a ponytail with red, blue and yellow streaks and a long tail with streaks of red, blue, and yellow . He wears a rib cage design shirt with the primary colors, one sleeve is red, the other blue. One side of his pants is plain black, the other with a leg muscle design colored with the primary colors. His shoes are yellow with spikes on the toes.


Neighthan is somewhat clumsy, but he is a social monster who loves hanging out with his best friends. He doesn't like monsters judging others based on their appearances. His favorite foods are fried pickles and brain puffs, only not together because he thinks it would be nasty. Though it may or may not be a unique ability or special ability, he does possess the ability to speak human-and-other-monsters English, which his father may or may not have, and where he probably gets from his unicorn mother.


Being a unicorn, or partly, he has the abilities of a unicorn:

  • Healing Abilities: Neighthan has healing abilities with his horn, which mentioned in Freaky Fusion, he mostly uses it to heal himself. But in Graveball Grates, he is seen healing Deuce Gorgon when he gets knocked out.


  • Ability to Speak Human English: Unlike most zombies, Neighthan speaks the English language rather than "Zombie" which is a series of moans and groans, which may or may not be because he is not fully zombie.



Being that his mother is a unicorn and his father is a zombie, he likes to call himself a zombicorn. Neighthan got his zombie clumsiness from his father, and got his healing ability from his mother. He loves both parents deeply, and according to his diary, his mother has the ability to turn herself into a two-legged creature since she is a unicorn, similar to a horse, and usually has four legs. Neighthan's father is where he gets his love for brain puffs, perhaps.


He is best friends with Avea Trotter, Bonita Femur and Sirena Von Boo. Neighthan also gets along well with Frankie Stein and her friends, but is typically a very social monster.


Neighthan does not appear to have any romantic interest in any other monster other than Frankie Stein. It appears that this interest in mutual according to the 2014 film Freaky Fusion.

Neighthan has in fact described her as "perfect" in his diary, and stated that he had nothing in common with her because he asks himself how he can have anything in common with perfection. Frankie and Neighthan's love was hinted as shown in a dance music scene of Boo York, Boo York, where Catty Noir was singing "Search Inside". He appears to be shown clumsier than usual when around Frankie, which the latter seems to find adorable.



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