'My Wardrobe and I' is a line of four themeless sets of about two outfits - the first fashion pack line such. It was released in Mid December, 2012 and consists of outfits for Operetta, Frankie Stein, Ghoulia Yelps, and Robecca Steam.


The 'My Wardrobe and I' line is one of the officially nameless lines given a name by fans. The name 'My Wardrobe and I' comes from the alikeness of the line to the I Heart Fashion series. It is an obscure fanname though, and much more frequently the line is referred to as the "Deluxe Fashion Packs" to contrast the concurrent "Budget Fashion Packs".

Assortment relations

Prior to 'My Wardrobe and I' and 'To Howl For', each set of fashion packs was alone in its release period. 'My Wardrobe and I' breaks the mold by being released at the exact same time as 'To Howl For'; one as a deluxe line and the other as a budget line.

'My Wardrobe and I' shares some content and packaging ideas with I Heart Fashion, which also displays a cardboard wardrobe with multiple pieces of clothing and accessories.

Doll logs

The 'My Wardrobe and I' outfits don't come with any doll logs.


Frankie Stein's 'My Wardrobe and I' dress is featured in "Scaris: City of Frights". The other outfits have never appeared in fiction.


Doll stockphotography - My Wardrobe and I Ghoulia Doll stockphotography - My Wardrobe and I Operetta Doll stockphotography - My Wardrobe and I Robecca Doll stockphotography - My Wardrobe and I Frankie
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