Gloomsday - music teacher

The music teacher is a 2011-introduced and cartoon-only character. What type of monster he is, is unknown, and he is a staff member at Monster High. He is might be from Germany due to his accent.



He enjoys his job and tries to inspire all his students.


The music teacher has light yellow skin, a thick white beard and hairdo, and no nose. He has two holes underneath his eyes where a nose would usually be, and possibly less than five fingers.



The music teacher was in the middle of teaching when Cleo de Nile screamed him out of the window. Gloomsday


  • The other known music teacher at Monster High is the Phantom of the Opera. Depending on sources, he either only gives keyboard lessons or more encompassing music lessons, but regardless either, he gives music lessons at nighttime. This music teacher thus might be the one for daytime lessons.

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