Mount Hood High is one of the high schools in Salem, Oregon, located at a two hour drive from Radcliffe Way. It is only mentioned in Monster High.

Aware that their daughter could choose not to believe them about normies' dislike of monsters, the Steins came up with a plan to bring her to Mount Hood High first to let her experience normie reactions without damaging her chances for fitting in at Merston High. Frankie rebelled against their advice as feared, and so they brought her to Mount Hood High, though unbeknownst to Frankie on a Sunday.

Enjoying her first steps away from her parents, Frankie got the school doors smacked in her face when a group of four cheerleaders came out. They immediately huddled around her to apologize and make sure she was alright, until they noticed her green skin and stitches. Realizing they had a monster before them, they called the police, ran into the school building and locked the doors. Frankie's parents just managed to get Frankie back in the car and race off before the police arrived. Finally, they told Frankie that Mount Hood High was merely an example and that the school she would be attending, Merston High, was only three blocks away from their home.