Monsters are creatures of legend. Some have powers. Some more unique or exotic than others. They include creatures such as mummies, vampires, werebeasts, and many more. Humans are also in the category of monsters somewhere, but not really. They are in the category of a species.

Monster High, being a monster-themed franchise, features a huge cast consisting of many different types of monsters. And some humans to round it out, of which most fit the conventions of the horror genre. Below is the entirety of the cast listed by species, with those who are either unknown or unique to the franchise listed as "other".

Please keep two things in mind when reading:

  • The monster history articles linked to are not necessarily fit for reading by a young audience.
  • Characters are primarily grouped the way canon does it, even if canon would conflict with source conventions. Where canon is silent, source conventions are utilized.

Species of Monsters

Animal Undead Other


Arthropodians Boogeymen Centaurs Cyborgs Cyclopes Deer or Deer Spirits
Dragons Elementals Gargoyles Genies
Ghosts Golden Hind Gorgons Grim reapers Harpies Hominids
Humans Invisibles Magicians Mermaids Minotaurs
Mummies Ogres Phantoms Plant monsters Robots
Simulacrums Sirens Skeletons Trolls Vampires
Water monsters Werecats Werewolves Zombies


Character Species I Species II
Aery Evenfall Centaur Fright-Mare
Avea Trotter Centaur Harpy
Bay Tidechaser Centaur Sea horse
Bonita Femur Arthropodian Skeleton
Fawntine Fallowheart Centaur Deerling
Flara Blaze Centaur Phoenix
Frets Quartzmane Centaur Gargoyle
Neighthan Rot Zombie Unicorn
Penepole Steamtail Centaur Arthropodian
Pyxis Prepstockings Centaur Pegasus
Skyra Bouncegait Centaur Ghost
Sirena Von Boo Ghost Mermaid

Other Species of Monsters

The following entries are characters that are the only one of their kind in the cast of Monster High or are species mentioned but devoid of characters to represent them.

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