Monster Maker is a small line of materials to create custom dolls with that was launched in 2014. It follows on Create-A-Monster, which was active from 2011 to 2013. Monster Makes utilizes several concepts introduced by Create-A-Monster, but improves on them by letting a machine do all the work and the user do the programming for better precision. Its possible designs are therefore more plentiful, though the colors are limited to the ones of the markers included. All of its potential dolls come with the full set of parts, wigs excluded, which follows from the final developments of Create-A-Monster.




Monster Maker

CAMIM - Monster Maker I CAMIM - Monster Maker II
  • Release: Mid October, 2014
  • Assortment number: BLT07
  • Model number: BLT07
  • Bodytype: Female

Add-On packs

Primary Extension Pack

CAMIM - Monster Maker First Extension
  • Release: Mid January, 2015
  • Assortment number: CFF84
  • Model number: CFF84
  • Bodytype: Female

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