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International editions

Spain launched it's MH Magazine before the UK on 26 September 2011. Published by Panini España, the Mattel Company magazine has a circulation of 50,000 and a cover price of €4.95

File:Monster High magazine ES1.gif
Issue 1. (26 September 2011)


File:Monster High magazine ES2.jpg
Issue 2.


File:Monster High magazine ES3.jpg
Issue 3.



France must have launched around the same time as the UK.

File:Monster High magazine FR4.jpg
Issue 4. (1 June 2012)


File:Monster High magazine FR5.jpg
Issue 5. (3 August 2012)


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UK edition

Published in the UK and Internationally by Egmont Publishing Group, Monster High Magazine, a brand new pre-teen title aimed at girls aged 7 to 12. The magazine has a cover price of £2.99 (€3.57) and a print run of 100,000 in the UK. The magazine will be published as a result of a licensing agreement with brand owner Mattel.

The Premiere issue launched on 4 April 2012.

It should be available from all newsagents, larger supermarkets and by subscription.

Monster High is overflowing with insights from your favourite characters – Draculaura, Clawdeen or Ghoulia. Everything you could want to know about their lives at school and at home can be found here in this colourful and well illustrated mag. Plus, you can try out one of the competitions such as sending in your drawings of your favourite monsters and have a go at the monstrously fiendish puzzles, and more often than not there’s a fang-tastic free gift.

File:Monster High magazine UKdec.gif
Issue 0. (7 December 2011)

It may not actually be called issue 0, but it seems there was an earlier issue of the magazine was on sale in the UK with "7 DEC 2011 - 10 Jan 2012" on the cover but no further issues were released following it.

The magazine came with 5 free gifts (cosmetics in a resealable case) and 8 posters. The magazine itself was around 20 pages long, with not much writing in it, but lots of pictures, a few games and quizzes. Template:Space
File:Monster High magazine UK1.gif
Issue 1. (4 April 2012)

Free gift was a Dead-stylish zipper bracelet.

Competition to win set of 5 Skull Shores dolls.

Monster High magazine UK2

Monster High Magazine, UK, issue 2

Issue 2. (9 May 2012)

Free gift was a Freaky-fab fashion glove - available in either black or pink. Competition to win all 5 Monster High books. Centre poster is Cleo and Deuce (one one side) and Dawn of the Dance characters (on the reverse). Cleo's diary.

File:Monster High magazine UK3.jpg

Issue 3. (13 June 2012)

Free gift was Creeptastic notebook and pen. Competition to win wicked watches. Template:Space

File:Monster High magazine UK4.jpg

Issue 4. (11 July 2012)

Free gift was a Clawesome Make-up case (circular with Skullette motif). Competition to win a backpack and stationery. Template:Space Template:Space Issue 5. (due 15 August) Template:Space

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