The Monster High Figurine Collection is a set of figurines sold with accompanying magazines. The series is produced by RBA Magazines, and released fortnightly in France and other European countries.

Each figurine depicts a main Monster High student, and is packaged with a magazine. As well as general facts about the featured character, the magazine also includes a diary entry from each character depicting an event in their life, accompanied by a new piece of artwork.

Figurine Diary Entries

The figurines have been released in the following order:


01 Clawdeen Wolf
02 Draculaura
03 Frankie Stein
04 Rochelle Goyle
05 Cleo de Nile
06 Skelita Calaveras
07 Lagoona Blue
08 Abbey Bominable
09 Venus McFlytrap
10 Robecca Steam
11 Deuce Gorgon
12 Spectra Vondergeist
13 Gigi Grant
14 Clawd Wolf
15 Jinafire Long
16 Toralei Stripe
17 Jane Boolittle
18 Holt Hyde
19 Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
20 Operetta
21 Ghoulia Yelps
22 Twyla
23 Howleen Wolf
24 Nefera de Nile
25 Jackson Jekyll
26 Catty Noir
27 Gillington "Gil" Webber
28 Clawdia Wolf
29 Heath Burns
30 Scarah Screams
31 Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch
32 Wydowna Spider
33 Invisi Billy
34 Honey Swamp
35 Iris Clops
36 Viperine Gorgon
37 Catrine DeMew
38 Elissabat
39 Lorna McNessie
40 Marisol Coxi