Monster Freakout is a simple card game released on the Monster High website on July 11, 2010.


The player is presented with a field of 3x3 cards depicting the main seven Monster High students and their pets. The player is given a hand of three cards with the images turned upwards and a pile of cards with the images turned downwards. The game is played by using the cards given to make matches of two or more identical images lying adjacent and then activating them.

Points are earned by making and activating matches, the longer the better. Each card in a match is worth 50 points, so the minimal earned per match is 100. More points are to be earned by having the matches follow each other up without bringing any cards from the hand into game in between (so much as clicking a card in the hand will end the streak). For each extra match in a streak, the points for that match are multiplied by the streak number. So, an activated match of three cards is worth 150 points basic, but 300 points if it follows on another match, and even 450 points if it is the third match activated in a streak. Moreso, if the field can be cleared at any point in the game, a bonus of 5000 points is awarded.

Cards taken from the hand can be placed on both empty spots in the field and on other cards. Meanwhile, cards on the field can be moved, but only from an occupied spot to an empty spot. Field cards clicked while there's an open spot can only be placed down on that open spot. Moving field cards around does not end a streak. Another help in keeping a streak is to utilize the reshuffle option, which when activated rearranges all the cards and empty spots on the field. However, only three reshuffles are available per game and they cost up to 200 points a piece.

Lastly, two types of special cards exist that can be pulled from the pile or even be given in the first hand. One is a pink card with a question mark on it, which turns into a random basic card when placed on the field. The other is a card showing a skullette, which can be linked in a match with any other basic card.

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