The Monster Cross line of merchandise consists of two sets of pet-themed glow-in-the-dark & take-apart toys all released in Early December, 2010. The toys are in the shape of a pet—Watzit, Count Fabulous, Hissette, or Crescent—and the back-body, front-body, backhead, face, and tails are all separable from each other. These parts can be re-attached to the parts of any other toy in the Monster Cross line, allowing for a wide variety of combinations.

On top of that, located within the toys is a rough representation of the pet's skeleton, which glows in the dark if taken out of the shell structure. The Monster Cross toys are only a little larger than regular figurines, so interaction with the dolls is possible.

Though the Monster Cross line ended with only one wave, the concept has been revisited in Create-A-Monster.


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