Moan'ica Yelps is a 2012-introduced and book-only character. She is a zombie and a Merston High alumn.



Moan'ica is the older sister of Ghoulia Yelps, with whom she is on warm terms. Their parents both work for the Department of Monster Vehicles. Twitter



Moan'ica is one of the graduating students of Merston High and, due to her last name, the second to last to receive her diploma during the ceremony. Back and Deader Than Ever


  • Given that her name is only spelled out once, it is unclear if the apostrophe in the middle is meant to be there. For perspective, Nefera is named twice and both times her name is spelled "Nefra".
  • Much like Minnie Taur, Moan'ica's sudden and short inclusion appears to be to not make Nefera de Nile's introduction stand out. Previously, Ghoulia had been identified as an only-child.
  • She shares a first name with fellow zombie Moanica D'Kay.