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Moanica D'Kay debuted in the Generation 2 special Welcome to Monster High, and is voiced by Cristina Milizia in the English version of the cartoon.

Moanica watches the video by Draculaura about to the school, Monster High. She is asked to be recruited for the school of Monster High, but she'd rather use the monsters she encountered for her zomboy army. She sends the Zomboys to go after the ghouls, which the ghouls win and make their escape. Moanica is later seen at Monster High to run for Student Council President against Frankie and Drac. To run against Draculaura and Frankie, she goes bigger and better and gives out pins and tells the monsters to come out of hiding to win. She continues to run against Drac and Frankie. Moanica is later seen in the auditorium watching a film about humans, which she objects to caring which Draculaura tells her they might want to live among humans someday and it's important they understand them, but Moanica asks why not just eliminate them. She is told by Dracula that the easiest way isn't always the best way. Moanica is later telling Gob that who cares about coincidences and it's easier to take what you want; telling him that he can just steal food from the human world. She appears to win the election but the next day Frankie and Draculaura are co-presidents, and on the human news, the news people show that they there are missing treats in the store. Draculaura and the ghouls punish Gob to be an attender at the Dance the Fright Away dance. Moanica would rather not have Gob return what he's stolen. She is later seen stopping a van and kidnaps big hit celebrity Tash. Everyone at the dance witnesses Moanica having Tash be pulled out of the van and Tash tells them to get off her and calls them monsters. Moanica tells normies don't want to live among them. The ghouls fight Moanica's army and win, with Draculaura about to catch Moanica when she almost falls at the end, but misses. Moanica gets up and is about to destroy Tash, but Tash returns out to be a ghost named Ari Hauntington. Moanica is later seen walking off. Later on, she is from a far distance watching the school and is planning to seek her revenge. Welcome to Monster High