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Moanica D'Kay first debuts in "Welcome to Monster High", the Junior Novel based on the movie, "Welcome to Monster High". Her book debut was in 2016.

Moanica is called upon a summon to be a student at Monster High, to which the school latter is below Moanica's standards. She appears to be disliking being told what to do or asked to come somewhere she has no intent of wanting to go. Instead of fighting off the Monster High Ghouls herself, she rather has her Zomboyz fight off the girls while she intends to make an escape, which the Ghouls manage to fight off the zombies pretty well anyway. She later appears to run for student body council, to which she is opposing against Draculaura and Frankie. Moanica loses but has Gob, a slime-based monster, steal food from a human store outside the monster hidden village. Once Gob has realized his mistake and feels guilty, he returns all he has taken from the grocery store, much to Moanica's irritation. She has a later plan where she kidnaps famous pop singer Tash, a famous human popstar with known fame and unknown origins. When Moanica kidnaps Tash and fights the ghouls at the Dance the Fright Away dance, she intends on turning Tash into a zombie with her powerful zombie claws, to which Draculaura and her friends immediately stop her. After a long series of fighting, Moanica is knocked off a stage where Draculaura attempts but fails to catch her. While Tash hugs Draculaura as a thank you for saving her life, Moanica ceases an opportunity to lunge at Tash, to which the latter uses her ghost powers, going transparent and Moanica crashes through without intently knowing at all. This is the part where Tash reveals herself to be Ari Hauntington, a ghost, to which she then explains where since she has the ability to transform her appearance, she's been living out among the human world to blend in, but now sees, that being who you are is important and hiding will not solve anything, to which amazes her when she sees Draculaura's courage and her brave words. Moanica is then left seeking vengeance to which the group celebrates their victory on winning. Welcome to Monster High