City of Frights - Moanatella Ghostier

Moanatella Ghostier is a famous fashion designer and the main antagonist from the 2013 television special, Scaris: City of Frights. She lives in Scaris and plays a cruel "game" of pretending to look for an apperentice, but when she chooses the apprentice she locks them up and forces them to create designs for her. Clawdeen Wolf and Garrott du Roque are her known "apprentices", and they were lucky enough to escape from her. Later, at the fashion show, Clawdeen and Garrott get back at her.


Moanatella is very cruel, shown when she pretends to look for an apprentice but locks them up to make designs so she doesn't lose her fame. So, she seems to be very power-hungry. Also she does not hesitate to call her designers and their fashions horrible and other things.


Moanatella is first seen in the theme song of "Scaris: City Of Frights" in a picture. After the theme song, it opens on her headquarters were she is judging designs. She is judging them badly saying they were "uninspired" and other things. She even rips the last one in half. She then turns on her computer revealing the secret camera she hid in the dungeon. She criticizes Garrott about his designs. She complains how monsters are eager to see her new line and starts walking around. Moanatella says she might disappear forever if the line doesn't come out. She then says for her cat to follow her to find new apprentices .It then fades to Monster High. At Monster High, the ghouls are in math class and Frankie references to Ghostier. Abbey then asks who it is, and Clawdeen replies saying Moanatella is legendary. Later, after Clawdeen's "flashion mob" it skips to Moanatella in her HQ. She says she needs to find a new apprentice. She then looks on the web and says no to all of them except 2. She then starts walking away when her cat hits the mouse. She sees Clawdeen's mob and says yes to that one. It fades again to Monster High. Headmistress Bloodgood tells Clawdeen and her friends that Moanatella called her to say that she would want Clawdeen to be her apprentice. Clawdeen and her friends are excited. Later on the plane, Clawdeen is holding a picture of Moanatella. Cleo asks why Clawdeen looks so worried. She says that Moanatella is her idol. Cleo reassures Clawdeen. It zooms out to when the plane is landing soon and it shows Moanatella in her HQ. She talks to her cat about how the "New Blood" are almost there and she will stay on top thanks to them. It then skips to the ghouls in Scaris.


She is voiced by Cindy Robinson in English.



In "Nefera Again", Clawdeen bought a necklace from designer Jean Maul Ghostier. Based on the last name, Jean may be related to Moanatella.


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