Gehörnter Gott, Enkomi

The "Minotaur" is an Ancient Greek monster with the head of a man and the body of a bull. Traditionally, there was only one Minotaur, who was described as "part man and part bull". Except, however, Manny Taur has the full appearance of a bull altogether in face and body, his head portraying bull ears. He has a sister named Minnie, who may just be a Minotauress as a cow monster, being female, although this was never heard of or spoken of before. Minnie Taur is a Minotaur, but she is a female, so she is probably most likely not a bull monster, and instead a cow monster. The original Minotaur in mythology dwelt at the center of the Labyrinth, which was an elaborate maze-like construction designed by the architect Daedalus and his son Icarus, on the command of King Minos of Crete. Like centaurs, there are mythological monsters. They, like centaurs, still come in both genders, obviously by Manny's sister, Minnie Taur. In Monster High, there are multiple Minotaurs.

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