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Merfolk in Monster High.

Merfolk are water-based creatures traditionally imagined as having a top half indistinguishable from humans and a fish-like lower half, usually in the form of one tail with caudal fin at the end. Some Merfolk have different lower halves other than fish tails though, such as an octopus or eel. There are many variations, though, which are largely of recent nature, and there is an overlap with other aquatic creatures, such as water monsters and sirens. Mermaids are predominantly thought of as female and male ones tend to be given the designation of "mermen", or the creatures are degendered with terms like "merfolk" or "merperson". The nature attributed to mermaids ranges from murderous, for either entertainment or food, to saviorhood of children and sailors.


Mermaids in Monster High follow the post-2000 exploration of mermaid designs that assign fish traits to the upper half too. All three mermaids, the CAM siren, and the cilophyte backgrounders have the same skin covering their entire body. They do not possess any part that could be mistaken for a human's. Madison is the exception, although as said before, she is not technically a mermaid. But like traditional mermaids, they have no trouble switching between salt and fresh water, though salt water appears to be their default domain, or even living outside of water other than the matter of transportation on land. Being a half-ghost, Sirena does not have this consideration because she can float. Finnegan gets around in a turbo-wheelchair. Whether his tail is functional in water or if he needs the aid of equipment 24/7 is yet to be seen. Mermen, like Finn and Finnegan have blue skin and a dorsal fin on their heads.

Monster High

Profile art - Sirena

The Monster High cast of mermaids includes Sirena Von Boo and her mother as well as Finnegan Wake and Finn. There's also a Create-A-Monster set shaped like a mermaid, but marketed as a siren. Similarly, while presented as a siren, Madison Fear has the form of a legged mermaid. And while they aren't characters, Monster High has introduced two cilophyte-like creatures in the webisode "Falling Spirits".

Merfolk in Monster High celebrate a holiday called "New Tides' Eve". They have a Theme Ball game and dance.

While preceded by the CAM siren, the first merman of Monster High is Finnegan. He debuted in the webisodes in 2013, only to disappear until the end of 2014, at which point he was a contestant in and eventual winner of the second doll election. Webisode appearances, a doll, and other elements of the part-of-the-cast package followed in 2015.

Sirena made her full debut during Finnegan's phase of absence, being introduced altogether over the course of 2014. She is part of the first set of hybrids brought into the franchise and she is constructed around the concept of limitlessness. That is, as a ghost-mermaid, there is no place where she does not belong or can't go to. This is reflected in her personality in that she can't keep her thoughts straight and often drifts from one topic to another depending on what input she receives from her environment. This can cause her to drift from place to place with a constantly changing aim and no one can find her if she does that unless by accident or when she chooses to come back herself. Because she has so far always come back, her family and friends don't worry when she is gone.

Finn is merman from Rotland and the former boyfriend of Lorna McNessie, a fresh water monster living in Loch Ness. He and Lorna were working on getting their parents to accept their relationship, as there is a long-standing enmity between fresh water monsters and salt water monsters, Looks Gil-ty when Finn broke up with her. Gloom and Bloom, Part 1

Happy Howlidays Falling Spirits

Known Merfolk





The modern word "mermaid" has its roots in the first half of the 14th century as "mermayde", prior to which the creature was known as a merewif or meremenn. The recurring "mer" portion means "sea" or more generally "large body of water", and words like it can be found in many European countries. The suggested Proto-Indo-European word is therefore "móri".

Mermaids are regularly conflated with sirens, such that some European languages do not differentiate between the two and call both a variation of "siren". Modern day Greek does differentiate, using "σειρήνα" ("seirína") for sirens and "γοργόνα" ("gorgóna") for mermaids. Meanwhile, "γοργόνα" is the word used both for mermaids and gorgons.


New Ghoul @ School - pool logo
  • Well before the introduction of any mermaid in Monster High, a mermaid silhouette was used as the logo on the pool doors. It was first seen in "New Ghoul @ School", which aired in October of 2010.