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Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs is the pet spider of Operetta.

Physical Description

Memphis is a greyish-purple spider. He has black, greased, Elvis like hair which he combs with a red comb. He also wears a red tie. In the webisodes he is a more intense purple, wears blue-rimmed Buddy Holly glasses, wearing a black suit, black gloves and red Converse shoes.


  • On Sept. 29, 2011 Memphis first appeared in the webisode "Hiss-teria".
  • Memphis is highly inspired by Elvis with his pompadour hairstyle, name and musical interest.
  • Memphis is a city in the U.S.A.. The city is famous because the home of Elvis Presly is located there. Elvis also died in Memphis.
  • Memphis is a greaser spider.
  • In the webisodes, he has a suit, glasses and shoes, however on his official art he has none of these features, only a tie.
  • He became the first Monster High pet to be shown in a webisode, but he is so far the only one who doesn't appear with Jane.


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