Mr. McNessie is better known as the Lochness Monster. He is Lorna's dad and appears to be wealthy.



He is blue with a scaly skin and ann upstanding fin as hair. He has an orange beard and moustache, a long neck and a long tail. He has green eyes, fin eyebrows and large fin-ears.



The Lochness Monster is Lorna's father.


He has a dog-fish as pet.


After much begging, he allows Lorna to spend one hour on the surface, though he warns her to stay away from humans like he forgot to do last time he himself rose from the water. His daughter turns out to have an addiction to photobombing and it isn't long before humans invade the lake again. To protect Lorna as well as leave her her wish to see more of the world, he sends her to Monster High in the Boonighted States of Scaremerica as part of an exchange program.


  • Like many other freshwater monsters, he distrusts saltwater monsters, causing his daughter Lorna to hide her relationship with Finn from him.