The 'Maul Session' series is a nameless set of eight Maul-themed outfits. They were released in two waves of four. The first was released in Early January, 2012 and the second was released in Late April, 2012. The January releases comprise clothes for Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile, Spectra Vondergeist and Toralei Stripe, and the April set features ones for Operetta, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, and Abbey Bominable.


The 'Maul Session' line is one of the officially nameless lines given a name by fans. In the case of 'Maul Session', the original fan name given was 'Cursed Cafe' after a remark about some of the first photos of the line published. While usually the first fan name is latched onto, fans began to reject 'Cursed Cafe' after the line became better known and it became clear that the name didn't match the line's theme. Whereas Frankie's outfit and arguably Spectra's outfit place them in a cafe setting, Toralei's outfit is cinema-related and Cleo's about shopping. As a result, 'Cursed Cafe' was thought to not be an adequate name for the line, after which the less creative, but more accurate 'Maul Fashion' name arose. This name came from the fact the line overall is Maul-themed and that the word "fashion" is highlighted on the back of each pack of the first set of outfits. In the next few months, the name evolved to 'Maul Session'.

Assortment relations

Clawdeen's and Operetta's 'Maul Session' clothes have been lightly redesigned and put on dolls for the 'Killer Style II' assortment, as previously has happened with Day at the Maul and 'Killer Style I'.

In Operetta's case, the dress, brooch, and belt are the same between releases. Whereas the 'Killer Style II' version of the outfit comes with a mask, the 'Maul Session' version comes with sunglasses. The 'Maul Session' bag differs from the 'Killer Style II' bag in that it features white paint and thus a Skullette in the middle. The shoes differ because the 'Maul Session' version is much more detailed than the 'Killer Style II', possessing black heel bands instead of red ones and sporting vertical stripes on the soles and wedges.

Clawdeen's shoes and jacket are the same between releases. Instead of a dress, 'Maul Session' Clawdeen comes with a top and pants, of which the pants are made from the same fabric as the 'Killer Style II' dress is made from. The doll lacks the 'Killer Style II' purse, but makes up for it with sunglasses.

A few other 'Maul Session' accessories have also been reused for other lines.

'Maul Session' doll(s) Accessory Other doll(s)
Abbey Bominable Purse I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable
Cleo de Nile Belt 'To Howl For' Spectra Vondergeist
Frankie Stein Purse I Heart Fashion Frankie Stein
Frankie Stein Shoes Create-A-Monster Three-Eyed Ghoul
Spectra Vondergeist Sunglasses 'To Howl For' Spectra Vondergeist

Doll logs

The first set of fashion packs all have a short story about the characters printed on the back. The second set only features a quote.


'Maul Session' has not been featured in any fiction.


  • Cleo's stockphoto depicts her tote bag as blue, but the one in stores is sandy of color.


Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Spectra Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Frankie Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Toralei Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Cleo
Spectra Vondergeist Frankie Stein Toralei Stripe Cleo de Nile
Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Abbey Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Clawdeen Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Operetta Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Lagoona
Abbey Bominable Clawdeen Wolf Operetta Lagoona Blue