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The Maul is the second most prominent location in Monster High canon, being the place where Monster High's student body hangs out when school's out. Several students have jobs there.


The Maul is shown in the webisodes "Nefera Again", "Hyde Your Heart", "Fright On!","Bean Scare, Done That " and "Mauled ".



The Arcade is where the students of MH play games. It was the first store shown in the "Fright On" episode. There is a purple octopus game to play.


There is also another cafe in the Maul. They sell ice cream with eyeballs, desserts, mini snacks and drinks. The three eyed girl is sharing a table with a green blob boy. Iris is also seen sharing icecream with the cyclops boy.


This is where the ghouls watch the latest movies. Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Clawd, Cleo and Ghoulia have gone to see the "Twihard 4 Abs Of Entry" in the "Fright On" episode but as there was a fight over the werewolves and the vampires who was going to get the best seat, they decided to catch a later show.

Clothes Shop

This is where the ghouls of Monster High buy thier clothes. There is also a boy's clothing shop. The ghouls spends alot of time shopping because they like fashion. The Monster designers are Furberry, Barks Macobs, Jean Maul Ghostier, Bouis Buibbon, Ghoulbana, Ghoulace, Cadaver. In the episode "Nefera Again," the ghouls bought gold earrings, purple bag, purple necklace, tights, gabbana bag, red dress, and perfume.

Coffin Bean

The Coffin Bean is a coffee shop Lagoona Blue works at as shown in the "Nefera Again" and "Hyde Your Heart". The outside of the Coffin Bean store was shown in all three episodes. In the Coffin Bean they sell milkshakes (Ghoulia bought one in Fright On), tea (because of the MH Cup), and coffee (because of the name of the shop).


The escalator is shown in "Fright On!". It is black and in a old fashioned style. It was first shown with werewolves and vampires on the escalator.

Notice Board

The notice board is outside the Coffin Bean shop. It informs monsters about latest events and celeb concerts. The notice board is brown.

Sasquatory & Cadaver

Sasquatory & Cadaver is a designer clothes shop. It has only be shown in the "Mauled " episode.

Other shops


In 2011, Day at the Maul, a Maul-themed fashion pack, was released. A doll line called 'Killer Style I' has also been released in 2011. 'Killer Style I' is not officially Maul-themed, but the clothes the dolls wear are simplified versions of the Day at the Maul clothes, so it is considered Maul-themed. The next year, 'Maul Session' and its own 'Killer Style II' were released.

Along the fashion packs, there's also a Maul-related playset 2012 release: the Coffin Bean. The set comprises a chair, a couch, a table, and a cabinet, and includes an exclusive Clawdeen Wolf doll, available only in the set. Later in 2012, Costco sold an exclusive version of the playset that comes with an extra Draculaura. For 2013, the Die-ner is believed to be Maul-related.

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