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Marisol Coxi debuted in the cartoon series in Volume 5, during the Monster Exchange episodes. It is still unclear or unknown who her voice actress or voice actor is.

Volume 5


Marisol Coxi is videochatting from her house in Monster Pichu, with Cleo De Nile, Frankie Stein, Ghoulia Yelps and Clawdeen Wolf while she waits for her cousin Abbey Bominable to pick her up to take her on a train to Scaremerica. While she speaks, Abbey shows up, and they hug. As soon as she can, Marisol suggests showing Abbey around her village, to which Abbey responds that it must be fast. Marisol shows her around and continuously insists on doing activities with her cousin, like surfing, doing makeovers, playing soccer and showing off her guinea pigs. Eventually, after Abbey insists several times, both go to the train, only to have Abbey decide she wants to stay an extra week. At Monster High, Marisol socializes with the ghouls, and, when Frankie asks where Abbey is, she immidietly shows her a video of her at Monster Pichuu, having a blast. Meet You In Monster Picchu During the preparations for the Gloom and Bloom festivities, Marisol wonders around the room where Cleo, Jinafire Long, Venus McFlytrap, Jane Boolittle and Catrine DeMew are making their dresses for the dance. Marisol overhears them complaining about features they dislike about their bodies and immidietly intervienes, by shouting for them to be quiet, scaring the ghouls. She gives them a lecture over negativity until Cleo asks her if she has ever been discontent about any part of her, to which she replies that she had once felt ashamed of the size of her feet. She tells them the story of how, back at Monster Pichu her feet were the smallest in the village so she kept everyone from seeing them, especially her crush Sansquatch. She decides to order a pair of shoes to make her feet bigger, resulting on her tripping in the middle of a festival. Sansquatch helps her out and she realizes that there is nothing wrong with her, its something she can't change. Marisol leaves the ghouls to think about this. The next day, they visit Marisol in her locker and thank her for her wise words.The Agony of D'Feet

Volume 6


Marisol watches the Freak Du Chic act from the audience, being gifted baloons by Abbey. Freak Du Chic Act 3 Marisol attends Mr. Rotter's Decomposition Class. She is in the class picture in the beggining of the class' video essay. She then explains why she belongs at Monster High, stating it helped her see that there were various types of beauty, not limited to the ones she was accoustumed. In a flashback, Manny Taur accidently misses a basketball that bounces in Mari's way, which she evicts with skill, by making a basketball by agily kicking the basketball into the basket hoop.Decomposition Class


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