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Make a Monster High Album & Activity Book
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Make a Monster High Album and Activity Book - main
Platform(s): PC
Region(s): Worldwide
Release Date(s): July 12, 2010
Developer: Mattel
Publisher: Mattel
Distributor: Mattel
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Make a Monster High Album & Activity Book is a simple game released on the Monster High website on July 12, 2010. As the name suggests, users are to make an album and activity book, or rather, collect the 24 pages of such a book by entering codes to unlock them. The pages can be printed to create a tangible book. The pages' content ranges from profile art to games to pages that are meant to be personalized.


Make a Monster High Album & Activity Book is about getting access to the 24 pages of the activity book. The first four pages are given freely, bu the other twenty require a code to be unlocked. Codes are acquired through the iCoffin game Coffin Cam.

However, for those not in the possession of an iCoffin, there is nothing stopping anyone from going to the freely given first four pages, then adjusting the page number in the address bar to get to the other pages without entering a single code.


There's a large amount of codes available; more than there are locks. These are all part of a family of nine codes that differ in appearance by only one number. No code is bound to a specific lock. Any code can randomly unlock any lock. The only limitations are that each code can only be used once and that unused codes have no purpose anymore once all twenty unlockable pages have become available.

  • 7R1G
  • 7R2G
  • 7R3G
  • 7R4G
  • 7R5G
  • 7R6G
  • 7R7G
  • 7R8G
  • 7R9G


  • 1R9G
  • 2R9G
  • 3R9G
  • 4R9G
  • 5R9G
  • 6R9G
  • 7R9G
  • 8R9G
  • 9R9G


  • 1T3B
  • 2T3B
  • 3T3B
  • 4T3B
  • 5T3B
  • 6T3B
  • 7T3B
  • 8T3B
  • 9T3B


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