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Magicians in Monster High.

Magicians, also called mages, witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers, sorceresses, enchantresses, enchanters, and elves, are types of monsters that can use magic. Their ability to use magic may be due to innate ability, training, or both. Mages have been portrayed as good, neutral and evil.


Mages have varying appearances, shapes and sizes. Witches, like Casta and Circe, have green skin and Scary Murphy has grayish-green skin. Other witches like Kindergrubber appear indistinguishable from ordinary humans. The Casketball team and coach from West Valley High have pointed ears, implying that they might be elves. Sea Mages have aquatic features such as a tail, blue skin, and etc.

Monster High

Witches lived in Salem until the Salem Witch Trials when they were forced to flee. When the RADs were looking for a new place to live, they decided to move to Salem in hopes the witches would identify with their struggles and take them in to build a new community and start fresh, not realizing the witches were long gone by then. Monster High (book)

During a Casketball match against Monster High, the latter's fearleading team discovered that West Valley High used a Crystal Ball to predict Monster High's moves. With some effort, they destroyed the artifact, which gave Monster High a chance to catch up on the score and win. Super Fan

Known Mages


Casta's Lovebug Spell

Casta casting a spell

  • Magic: Mages have the power to practice magic and cast spells.
    • Animal Transformation: Mages can cast a spell to turn another person into an animal or by accident by saying particular that have something to do with that animal.
    • Potion Brewing: Mages can brew potions.


  • Flying broomsticks: Mages, or at least witches, can fly on broomsticks to transport themselves to other places.
  • Crystal Balls: Mages use Crystal Balls to predict the future, communicate with others, project themselves to other places, and spy on others and other places.



  • In The Legend of Shadow High, Frankie states that witches feel closer to monster than Normie.