Looks Gil-ty - gil!
Lorna McNessie debuted in the cartoon series in Volume 5, during the Monster Exchange Episodes. She is voiced by Marieve Herington in the english version of the cartoon.

Volume 5

Lorna McNessie photobombs the ghouls photo, who recognize her being one of the exchange students. She proceeds to tell the ghouls her story, most specifically how she photobombed a photo that became viral and her father thought it was best for her to leave her lake, for each others safety. She also tells them that she was there for the entire semester, which suprises the ghouls, who find out she actually really was, confirming it in the yearbook, where every photo is photobombed by Lorna. Lochness Lorna She sympathizes with Gil, and asks him for relationship advice about her saltwater boyfriend, making Lagoona jeolous. Lorna and Finn, her boyfriend, get in good terms, after witnessing Lagoona's and Gil's love. Looks Gil-ty While watering the Corpse Flower, Lorna and Gil chat about their love interests being away in another country. She receives a text from her boyfriend who breaks up with her. Lorna is devastated and her friends try to cheer her up. Eventually Gil, offers to take Lorna to the Gloom and Bloom dance, in another attempt to cheer her up. Lorna accepts it and goes to the dance, forgetting about her boyfriend. While she's dancing and talking with Gil, Lagoona runs into them, thinking they're cheating on her. Gloom and Bloom, Part 1 She attempts to tell Lagoona that it is not what it seems, but Lagoona runs away crying. Lorna stays in the party and watches the Corpse Flower bloom. Gloom and Bloom, Part 2


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