Londoom, also known as London, is the capital of Fangland, also known as England. It is also where Clawdia Wolf, daughter of the Werewolf resides in. 


  • Londoom is based on London, the capital of real-life England.
  • Londoom, like London, has a queen of its country. But instead of Queen of England, the name is Queen of Fangland.
  • Same as London, Londoom has shepherd's pie, a main homeland food well-known in England in real life. In real life London, it is called cottage pie.
  • Shepherd's pie is Clawdia's favorite food — only, without the wool. (Pun) (In real life, of course, there is no wool involved in cottage pie).
  • Also favorites of Clawdia's is fangers and mash (bangers and mash) and also fish and crypts (which are both English cuisines or British cuisines).

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