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Hey Brah! If you find my diary, please return it to me before it singes your fingers

After lunch

Today hasn't exactly been a day at the beach. All of us ghouls got in heaps of hot water when we accidentally went back in time and then got thrashed about like we were in a tidal wave. It's kind of a scary long story, but the end result is, well, I'm not quite myself. In fact, I'm more than myself. Thanks to a freaky accident - caused by a certain orange werecat - I got fused together with Jinafire, and now I don't know where my scales end and her's begin. LB

In the thirteenth hour

I wonder what enigmatic statement Master would say about this situation. Surely, there is a profound lesson to be learned from being fused with another monster, especially a ghoul whose temperament is so much less fiery than my own. A lesson known well by our ancestors and forgotten by all except the wisest among us, those not distracted by the modern way of staring sightlessly into iCoffins. Perhaps, I will make some tea and attempt to read the leaves... oh, is that my ringtone or Lagoona's? JL

After Rehearsal

Well, rehearsal for the Bite-Centennial totally went up in flames. I'm a water ghoul - I've never had to control fire before. It was erupting from me like lava, and everyone knows I'm not fond of volcanoes. I think a couple of times I could actually smell my hair burning. And all those props! Hole-y mackerel! Well, at least we can't be blamed for destroying all of them. Dracubecca had their boots in that heap of destruction too. LB

In the fourteenth hour

My distress has nearly set the MH clawditorium ablaze. How can I have complete dominance over my abilities when I have Lagoona in my head as well? She means well, but it is difficult to concentrate with all that 'mate' stuff going on. I feel an inner turmoil. When I try to restrain my inner fire with my thoughts, me heart is not in it. Likewise, when I try to engage me heart to feel the right way, control my fire, I receive conflicting direction from my head - usually in Lagoona's voice. Master has not prepared me for such a challenge. JL


All this fearsome fusing had me feeling a tadpole peckish, so I went down to the Creepateria. I wanted a bite of sushi, but I ended up with a terror-yaki flambe, thanks to a blast of embarrassment from Jinafire. And I thought her temper was hot! But it seems the longer we are fused together, the more out of control we feel, and whoosh! We flame out, and I'm left eating me meal well-done. No worries, just douse it in boo-b-q sauce and the ashiness is almost edible. Almost. LB

Mid fourteenth hour

I am genuinely in need of some clarity and inner peace. My usual passion and creativity feels kind of soggy. I've tried taking a clarifying breath, but I'm finding it difficult to breath deeply, as though oxygen doesn't have the same appeal to me it once did. I know Master would say 'with great challenge comes great opportunity', but as far as I know, his only challenges don't include being wrapped inside someone else like a dumpling. I fear even his wisdom cannot possibly hold the key to this puzzle. I feel very alone. And yes, I see the irony in that. JL

After snack

Sirena, a Hybrid monster, wants us to go for a swim to help teach us to work together as one. I can't think of anything more fintastic! For one thing, my skin is getting frightfully dry, and I'm all out of monsterizer. I like Jinafire as much as any ghoul - I'm down with everybody - but her overheated personality is too close for comfort. I'm really hoping a swim is just what she needs to cool off a bit. I don't know how anybody can live while being so fired up all the time. It's firesome. I mean, tiresome. LB

Mid fifteenth hour

I love a relaxing bubble bath occasionally, and even a soak in a hot tub, but a swim? That's just not the way my tail swishes. For one thing, my makeup isn't waterproof. And for another, I need to let off steam when I'm under pressure. And I'm feeling a lot of pressure right now to be enlightened about this state of fusion. Lagoona is a fangtastic ghoul, and I'm lucky to be fused with her, because she's so calm and she doesn't get burning mad at me when I set something on fire, but how chill will she be if I evaporate all of her precious water out from under her? I think our friendship might be about to boil over. JL

After hanging with the Hybrids

All of us fused ghouls had lessons from the newest members of the MH student undead-body. They are Hybrids, children of 2 kinds of monsters. Thanks to them, I'm starting to get a handle on this fusion thing. If you fight it too hard, you could find yourself going off the deep end. You're much better off letting go and just floating along. I think Jinafire is getting the hang of it too. She's really starting to go with the flow, and it no longer feels like we're swimming upstream. And while she hasn't exactly cooled, she's mostly just warm now. Which is a good thing, because when she steams up a pool, it gives my 'do a frightful frizz. Although it was good for my complexion. LB


Like a creepanthemum flower opening in spring, I feel myself open to new adventures and experiences. Master would be proud. Thanks to being freakily fused with Lagoona, I have learned that I can exert total control over my mind and tame the fires within me. As Lagoona's cool demeanor soothed me, so did I fire up new passions within her. We are good for one another. Two sides of the same coin. We are one. We are Lagoonafire. JL

(I wrote this entry in case Master reads my diary. He likes writings to sound profound.)

After its over! Phew!

Today was bananas! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the turbulent waves we all had to surf today... up, down, up, down, with the occasional wipe out, but we have all managed to make it back to shore. Now that we are back to normal - whatever normal is - I feel a little like a fish out of water. I really got used to having Jinafire in my head. Everything seemed more poetic and colourful and, well, deep. After a ghoul gets fused with another ghouls, it changes up. I hope we stay GMF. Good Mates Forever. LB

In the seventeenth hour

I feel like I should write something profound, as Master as taught me. But I'm too relieved to be back to being just myself. Although, I don't feel entirely like myself. I feel more relaxed. Less ready to set the world on fire, and more ready to chill with my mates - I mean ghoulfriends. I'm really happy I learned to relax, and I think Lagoona's cool will have a lasting effect on me. Oops, I almost singed this page. JL


Frankie is in scare-able trouble after saving all of us! JL

We need the fire to pool together and SAVE FRANKIE!!! LB