Lagoona Blue - Meet The Ghouls is the fifth Generation 2 webisode, and sets up Lagoona's character and backstory with an extended flashback.


The ghoul from the land down under reveals the dream that keeps her excited about going to Monster High!


A sea monster girl at the Monster High pool tells us she's Lagoona Blue and she wants to be the greatest athlete in the world, right as she jumps off a springboard. The webisode then segues into a voiceover over a flashback to Lagoona's home: Down Under. Over the flashback, Lagoona tells us that while it was a creeperific place to live, she still had to keep an eye out for humans. However, she didn't like being wary, and so began surfing in the open at a distance from the humans--liking that she didn't feel like Lagoona the sea monster, but just Lagoona. And once while surfing, people were cheering for her, even if from afar. But during her surfing, she began to wonder if people would cheer for her knowing she was the daughter of a sea monster. The insecurity distracts her enough to make her wipe out, ending the flashback and returning us to the Monster High pool; which she jumps back out of. She then happily tells us that at Monster High it's normal to be out of the ordinary, so there she can focus on being the athlete she wants to be with her friends cheering her on. She then tells the viewer they should come to Monster High to see just how far she can go--and her extremely high jump prior was just for practice. The camera pans out to reveal that she's on an unnaturally high springboard, which she then jumps off of, ending the webisode with a literal splash.



  • This is Lagoona's first Generation 2 webisode.
  • This is Lagoona's first webisode where she's voiced by Larissa Gallagher.

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