Hatch Me If You Can - laboratory assistant

The laboratory assistant is a 2010-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is a cyclops and a staff member at Monster High, where he assists Hackington during Mad Science classes. He does not always think things through.



He is somewhat indifferent to his environment.


The laboratory assistant has dark green skin, red hair with a bald top, pointy ears, and a pink eye.

Classic Monster

Main article: Cyclopes



The laboratory assistant is charged by Hackington with obtaining eggs for a class assignment. He gets them from a gargoyle nest, but doesn't tell Hackington this. When a week later one of the eggs hatches and the newborn gargoyle attacks Hackington, the laboratory assistant shrugs and walks off. Hatch Me If You Can The laboratory assistant is impressed by Sloman Mortavitch's debate skills. Flowers for Slow Moe

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