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Kiyomi Haunterly was trademarked on February 25, 2014 and her first doll came out in Mid November, 2014. As of January 01, 2015, her doll number totals 1 and makes up 0.29% of the entire Monster High doll collection. Other merchandise of her is not yet available.


Haunted - Student Spirits

Doll stockphotography - Haunted - Student Spirits Kiyomi Profile art - Haunted 3D Kiyomi Haunterly
Monster High Haunted Student Spirits - Kiyomi Haunterly Doll 5-500x583

Doll: For her appearance she sports blue lipstick and white brows, lashes and eyes. She has blue opaque skin for her ghostly appearance.Her hair is magenta and purple with pink streaks in a half up-half down hairstyle with bangs. To hold up her ponytail she has a barrette with a sleepmask design.
Clothes: Kiyomi wears a plaid school-girl like dress with a collar at the neckline. At the skirt she has a purple tulle overlay. She wears a sheer purple cape with lotus patterns all over the cape. At the feet she has lilac knee socks.
Accessories: Her main accessories are a neck collar that holds the sheer fabric cape together. She a transparent purple purse with chain handles and on one side a smiling face and as the other side a frowning face. She has a belt with connected swirling chains and charms adorning it. She has a bracelet decorated with cameo face studs. For shoes, she has mary jane platforms with a face as the heel.
Extras: Her doll comes with a diary and a ghost skullette comb. Her doll also includes a transparent ball and chain stand
Notes: Even though her artwork shows Kiyomi with earrings, she does not come with any.


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