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The 'Killer Style II' line is an unnamed doll line exclusive to Kohl's and featuring the characters Clawdeen Wolf and Operetta. Released in Early August 2012, The two dolls of the line are dressed up in simplified versions of the 'Maul Session' clothes and accessories.


'Killer Style II' derives its fan name from a thematically akin and equally nameless line released in 2011. Due to the similarities between the lines, fans lump the two together as if they are one line, though they aren't because they don't share assortment numbers. The two lines have gotten numbers to express the distinction, separating them in 'Killer Style I' and 'Killer Style II', but since there's no character overlap between the two lines, the dolls are usually simply called 'Killer Style'.

Since 'Killer Style I' occasionally is called 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', a similar division can be made on that name, meaning that 'Drop Dead Gorgeous II' is an alternative fan name to 'Killer Style II'.

Assortment relations

'Killer Style II' follows up on 'Killer Style I', which was released a year earlier. Both lines consist of two dolls in adapted outfits from previous fashion packs. In the case of 'Killer Style II', the original outfits come from the 'Maul Session' line.

In Operetta's case, the dress, brooch, and belt are the same between releases. Whereas the 'Maul Session' version comes with sunglasses, the 'Killer Style II' version of the outfit comes with a mask, which is a black version of the one available with Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta and Dance Class Operetta. The 'Killer Style II' bag differs from the 'Maul Session' bag in that it lacks the white paint and therefore the Skullette in the middle. The shoes differ because the 'Killer Style II' version misses a lot of the 'Maul Session' version's black paint, possessing red heel bands instead of black ones and lacking the vertical stripes altogether.

Clawdeen's shoes and jacket are the same between releases. Instead of a top and pants, 'Killer Style II' Clawdeen comes with a simple dress made from the same fabric as the 'Maul Session' pants are made from. The doll lacks the 'Maul Session' sunglasses, but makes up for it with a gold-colored version of Clawdeen's Day at the Maul purse.


The doll logs that come with 'Killer Style II' are limited to two quotes per character, one printed within the package, the other on the back.


'Killer Style II' has not been featured in any fiction.


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