Catty Noir just wants to go to school like her fans, but the Monster High student bodies aren't sure how to handle having a pop star haunt their hallways.


Catty Noir leaves the world of glitter and glamour for a while in order to enjoy a simpler life outside of the spotlight. Monster High is her high school of choice, where she hopes to be accepted as a peer by the other students. But fate isn't with her, as she finds out the moment she steps out of the car and is met by a crowd of enthusiastic fans and large banners bearing her image. Vainly hoping this event does not predict what her time at Monster High will be like, Catty gets on with her first day.

When looking for her locker, Catty finds herself surrounded by Frankie Stein and her friends. They show her her locker, which has been obnoxiously decorated with lights and pictures of her. The group explains they made a diva locker out of her locker to make her feel at home. Catty is disappointed, but lets it slide. Later on, she gets an A in Mr. Rotter's class for a test she never even got to make, because the teacher thinks of her as above it. Growing more distressed by the hour, Catty arrives at the creepateria during lunch only to see it covered in posters of her. She is invited to a long line of tables placed together, which she soon learns has been done specifically because everyone wanted to share a table with her. Full-out disturbed at this point, Catty excuses herself and flees the creepateria.

A special meeting is called in the clawditorium to welcome Catty to Monster High, but she does not show up. The students and staff are confused, until a remark of Cleo reminds Frankie of "Normal Ghoul", one of Catty's latest songs. She realizes that Catty doesn't want to be treated like a star at all, but as an everyday equal. The school quickly tones down its attitude towards the newest student. Catty is elated to find herself finally out of the spotlight and receives apologies from Frankie on behalf of the entire school for their mistake.


  1. Catty Noir
  2. Clawdeen Wolf
  3. Heath Burns
  4. Draculaura
  5. Clawd Wolf
  6. Manny Taur
  7. Eyera
  8. Meowlody
  9. Purrsephone
  10. Abbey Bominable
  11. Hoodude Voodoo
  12. Spectra Vondergeist
  13. Gillington Webber
  14. Catrine DeMew
  15. Invisi Billy
  16. Jackson Jekyll
  17. Toralei Stripe
  18. Ricky
  19. Ghoulia Yelps
  20. Cleo de Nile
  21. Romulus
  22. Frankie Stein
  23. Gilda Goldstag
  24. Lagoona Blue
  25. Quill Talyntino
  26. Mr. Rotter
  27. Scarah Screams
  28. The short lunch lady
  29. The tall lunch lady
  30. Iris Clops
  31. Ms. Bloodgood
  32. Nightmare
  33. Don of the Dead
  34. Howleen Wolf
  35. Robecca Steam
  36. Deuce Gorgon



  • Catty's enrollment at Monster High was announced in "Monsters of Music".
  • Mr. Rotter does not give A's, as stated in "Idol Threat" and "We are Monster High". For him to give Catty one is an even bigger deal than him giving her a grade for free.