Toralei proves she's a furrrocious competitor when she joins the Monster High sports teams.


Monster High is playing scary soccer against Vampire Academy and they are losing big time. Toralei, who is among the spectators, is having a blast insulting her own side because she dislikes most of the players. Her tune changes when one of the Vampire Academy players accidentally hits her with the ball. She is not apologetic about it, but rather points out that Toralei is just as hard to notice as her school's scary soccer team. Toralei is furious and orders the Monster High team to get her a uniform.

Fueled by a desire for revenge, Toralei ensures that Vampire Academy makes no more goals and that Monster High gains one more than their opponent. Since Toralei never does revenge half-heartedly, she asks what other sports Monster High plays against Vampire Academy after the game and signs herself up for each one of them. In order, Toralei participates in tennis, casketball, Skultimate Roller Maze, and baseball. She not only proves herself to be a remarkably skilled sportswoman, but also a surprisingly reliable team player. With her on the team, not a single game is lost.

After the baseball match, the others ask if Toralei would consider to stay on the teams so she can help out against Granite City High next. Toralei admits she enjoyed her time working together towards victory, but she has no interest in committing herself beyond payback on Vampire Academy. The conversation is suddenly interrupted when a car driven by three girls from the Granite City High team drives up to them. The one behind the steering wheel hollers that Monster High will be eating dust tomorrow and that they're here to give them an early sample. The three subsequently drive off, kicking up a huge dust cloud that covers the Monster High students. Toralei demands training immediately so that they'll be able to return Granite City High the favor.


  1. Lagoona Blue
  2. Meowlody
  3. Toralei Stripe
  4. Purrsephone
  5. Quill Talyntino
  6. Vampire Academy girls
  7. Robecca Steam
  8. Operetta
  9. Howleen Wolf
  10. Frankie Stein
  11. Ghoulia Yelps
  12. Spectra Vondergeist
  13. Clawdeen Wolf
  14. Granite City High girls




  • Toralei wears two gloves when she runs past the vampires during the soccer match. Right after Monster High wins the match, she has one glove again, but it's on the wrong hand.


  • The non-generic outfits worn in this webisode are the respective characters' Ghoul Sports uniforms.
  • The Vampire Academy students are represented by reused models of Belfry Prep students.