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Johnny Spirit is a 2013-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is a ghost and a student at Monster High. Johnny is the quintessential 'bad boy', being both feared and admired while caring about none of that. One of the few things in unlife he does care about is music, as he is a gifted violin player. Due to this, Operetta is the only one he holds some respect for, as she shares his love of music and is not in the least impressed by his reputation.



Johnny has a terrible reputation around the school, to the point where students run in terror at the sight of him and his most recent detention lasted 3000 years. He is not one to care though; he is rather nonchalant and content to just do his own thing and ignore others. He prefers the catacombs over the surface portion of campus, where he can play the fiddle in peace.


Just like Operetta having a style that is very old-decade-inspired, Johnny has a very similar style. His clothing style is inspired by either 1950's or 1960s style, sporting attire that appears to be either greaser or biker. He wears a 1960's styled quiff from hair, and has pale grey skin, while his hair is a mixture of dark blue and light blue. He has what appear to be teal-aqua eyes, and his eyelids are a lightly darkened grey, appearing as if it were some kind of shadow such as eyeshadow. Johnny wears a black leather jacket over a white-and-dark-grey t-shirt, with dark grey pants with a belt, his jacket has a pull strap-like design parting at the left side, and he wears black, leather-up boots. He typically has grey lips and his eyebrows match the color of his hair.



After challenging her to a musical duel for her spot in the catacombs that was his before prior to his 3000 years of detention, Johnny seems to be good friends with Operetta.


As some fans have implied, and according to Haunted, Johnny and Operetta have already officially started going out. Their love is perhaps a thing that started from their shared love of music.


Volume 3

Playing the Boos


  • March 13, 2013: Johnny Spirit appears in the Russian release of "Playing the Boos".
  • December 10, 2013: Johnny Spirit makes his 2D cartoon debut in "Playing the Boos".
  • March 10, 2015: Johnny Spirit makes his 3D cartoon debut in 'Haunted'.

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