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Iris Clops was trademarked on July 16, 2013 and her first doll came out on July 24, 2014. As of January 01, 2015, her doll number totals 1 and makes up 0.29% of the entire Monster High doll collection. Other merchandise of her is not yet available.


San Diego Comic-Con International dolls

Doll stockphotography - SDCC 2014 Manny and Iris Profile art - Iris

Doll: Iris's hair is a dark green and set into rope twist pigtails with bangs. She wears pink eyeshadow around her eye and sports light olive green lipstick.
Clothes: Iris wears a long sleeved pink ruffle dress with leggings and a sleeveless bolero jacket. Her jacket features a black leather cut up collar and a pink scrolling pattern. her dress is plain pink with a black belt above the skirt and flares out into a ruffled out skirt. Underneath, she sports shiny black leggings.
Accessories: Iris wears a pair of pink Mary Jane heels with eyeball patterns. She holds a pink bag with an eyeball surrounded by scrolling pink patterns.
Extras: Both Iris and Manny come with Stands and their respective diaries.
Notes: The doll is only available in a 2-pack with Manny Taur, which is exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con International 2014.

I Heart Fashion

Doll stockphotography - I Heart Fashion Iris Tumblr ny24snnNts1tc5d60o1 1280

Doll: This Iris has a simple yet elegant hairdo, consisting of a ponytail at the back of her head, bangs pulled to the side and a pink streaked rope twist braid crown that divides the bangs from the rest of the ponytail.Iris sports teal eyeshadow around her eye, along with deep green lipstck.
Clothes: Iris Comes with 3 outfits, Mostly drawing inspiration from her cyclops theme but with a modern flair.

Outfit On Iris - Iris wears a tight fitting 3/4 sleeve dress with a circular neckline. The pattern consists of various paint stains in no specific order, as well as an artistic drawing of an eye with a rainbow iris.The outfit also comes with a pair of eyeball patterned leggings.

Outfit 2 - This dress is a short black semi sweetheart neckline dress with a glittery black peplum and is printed with metallic pink, yellow, navy blue and purple eyeballs with batwings pattern. This outfit is paired with a pink bolero jacket with long sleeves, and is a magenta colour with black staining.

Outfit 3 - A pink V Neck tank top with a Iris' Skullete printed several times in various colours and a medium length skater skirt with what looks like a composition notebook pattern emblazoned with skulletes.
Accessories: She also comes with a wide range of accessories. Featuring in her main outfit she has a pair of eyeball earrings, a chain necklace with a winged eyeball charm, 4 bangles in pink, blue, yellow and green, a green rope belt, a black purse with molded eyeballs and a pair of blue heeled sneakers with an open eye printed on the left shoe and a closed eye on the right one, as if blinking. The extra accessories are: a big teal belt with an eye-looking buckle, a blue choker, an orange and pink pair of bracelets, a black recast version of her Mary Janes worn on the SDCC release and a pair of Hot pink gladiator style boots with studded and bow collared top and eyeball bows down the front that lead to a black stud trimmed heel.
Notes: Iris Clops and the other I Heart Fashion dolls are all Toys 'R' Us exclusive.


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