Cleo and Nefera fright over a king's ransom in treasure, only to find that not every family inscare-itance is as superior as it seems.


A fight between Nefera and Cleo is interrupted by a phone call from their grandmother, who announces she'll pay them a visit. The sisters are not eager to see her until she mentions that she has her most valuable treasure to give to the granddaughter who loves her the most. Rivalry kicks in immediately as each sister claims she loves their grandmother the most.

While Nefera goes out to buy their grandmother a cupcake, Cleo puts the servants on an elaborate meal to welcome her grandmother with. When Nefera returns, she realizes her cupcake can't compete and uses an artifact to call upon a plague of locusts to devour Cleo's meal. Undeterred, Cleo has the garden redone in her grandmother's honor. In response, Nefera orders the servants to get rid of the garden and use the space for a new river to flow in front of the De Nile residence. Still confident, Cleo has a signed mural drawn on the front of the De Nile residence. Since the mural depicts their grandmother, Nefera easily ruins it by adding a moustache. Cleo's final plan is to set a few canopic jars ready, since her grandmother collects them. Nefera stumbles her, making Cleo land unelegantly among numerous jar shards just as their grandmother arrives.

Observing the shards and the mural, the elder declares Nefera the winner without much consideration. The chest containing the valuable treasure is brought before her and Nefera eagerly opens it. The valuable treasure, however, turns out to a vicious dog: the Dog of the Dead. As it attacks Nefera, Cleo no longer minds the sabotage or loss.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Nefera de Nile
  3. De Nile servants
  4. Cleo and Nefera's grandmother
  5. Dog of the Dead



  • The part in the webisode where Nefera releases locusts is based on the Egyptian plagues featured in the Bible's Book of Exodus, which is part of the Old Testament.


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