The 'I Heart Accessories' line consists of two dolls that are each packed with three accessories each. The assortment is limited to Operetta and Skelita Calaveras and was released fully in Early July, 2014.


'I Heart Accessories' is a line without a name, but very soon after it was discovered, fans started to refer to it as 'I Heart Accessories' in reference to I Heart Fashion. Or alternatively, 'I Love Accessories' in reference to I Love Fashion.

Later, assortment listings and the cases were found to refer to the dolls as Scaritage or Monster Pride. While something of a pseudo-official name, though not acknowledged on Mattel's own websites, the fandom largely rejects them because they don't fit the look of the Operetta doll.


'I Heart Accessories' utilizes the same setup as 'I Heart Shoes' and 'I Heart Fashion': one doll and multiple extras, in this case accessories. It is a budget line, unlike its predecessors.



'I Heart Accessories' has not been featured in any fiction.


Doll stockphotography - I Heart Accessories Skelita Doll stockphotography - I Heart Accessories Operetta
Skelita Calaveras Operetta

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